Faculty By Juan


Collaborating with Juan was a treat to say the least. We sought out to work with him because we felt his work was incredibly unique. He takes nails to a surreal level, is ambitious, has a wide-ranging fanbase, and truly a vision to open the self-expressive envelope for all. His vision is tightly aligned with ours at FACULTY; the shared values shined through from concept, to on set, where Juan brought in some of our favorite artists like Conor Cunningham for photography. Juan brought the surreal aspect of his direction fittingly for the nail stickers. The chrome, jeweled stickers, merge worlds of the metaphysical, weird, and magical. And we absolutely love them.


I was excited to collaborate with Faculty because of a few reasons. They gave me so much creative freedom & I liked how hands on I could be on this project. I was excited to create something accessible to those who admire my work/ nail art in general and give them a way to participate in the vision. I wanted the designs to feel special and unlike other nail stickers I had seen before. I went a silver palette because chrome is always eye catching & has always been a finish I’ve been drawn to. The collection is scattered with symbols of hearts, stars and flames which represent subconscious affirmations to love yourself and others, remain inspired, and a reminder that everything is temporary (which is a beautiful thing).