Staying true to our California roots, we believe transparency is more than just a triple bottom line sticker, but an idea of radical candor and expression that should never be hidden.

The California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (2012), requires sellers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose the efforts made to ensure its supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

We think it’s crazy we still live in a world where these exist, and we are committed to being responsible in our business practices to help its eradication. No questions asked.

So how are we doing that? Faculty chooses great partners, conducts regular and rigorous checks on all nodes in our value chain, and we ensure that employees interacting with supply chain are educated and knowledgeable on slavery and human trafficking.

Faculty prioritizes sourcing the best ingredients from the most respected partners in the business and have ensured that they follow a high standard of operations, reflecting our shared values. Faculty management actively works with our network of partners through visits and facility audits to ensure that labor relations are managed to our standards. If we think that our supply partners are at risk of violating our standards, we will investigate, and if proven to be true, we will work with our supplier to address issues or find more compliant partners.

This is a zero-tolerance policy.