Navigating the world today feels like a game of watching where you tread, careful to not cross the fine lines drawn everywhere you look. What you can do, what you can say, how you can be.

Being masculine today can sometimes feel like living life within constraints—clean but not too clean; stylish but not too stylish; caring neither too much nor too little.

We’re working to build a world free from constraint. One that celebrates all of the wide-ranging, contradictory possibilities that masculinity holds for us. Both strength and tenderness, boastfulness and modesty, the quiet and the loud, the audacious and the vulnerable. Every facet, every feeling—we say that’s all part of the new, bigger, freer story we’re writing together.

FACULTY—(noun) An innate or acquired ability to act or do; any of the powers of the mind once believed to be the basis of all mental phenomenon; a natural aptitude embracing that which is innate and inherent as a strength; not a weakness.

What role does grooming play in all this? We believe feeling good in one’s skin, feeling fully and wholly yourself, lends us the confidence to live free from constraint. The peace of mind that enables us to take risks. The assurance with which we can then reveal what’s within. We believe we can do better than merely looking “presentable” every day.

So we’re reimagining grooming—with more tools to help you feel more yourself. Our vision of modern grooming is a daily practice of self-creation, designed from the ground up for you to make what you will of it.